About us

"Environmental conservation, resource regeneration."


With the gradual increase in the awareness of resource regeneration from all walks of life, we gathered some operators engaged in different environmental protection businesses and established the "Hong Kong Recycle and Development Association Limited" in 2014. With years of experience and enthusiasm for environmental protection, we have advanced management and development of new products. Technology, work together to promote environmental awareness, encourage recycling, and reduce waste transport to landfills for disposal. We hope to use this association as a communication channel to communicate and exchange opinions with different government agencies, environmental protection industry, academia, and the public, combine the strengths of Hong Kong's ``government, business, civilian, and academic'', and plan long-term recycling and cleaner production enterprises in mainland China Cooperation, seeking to create a new path and contribute to Hong Kong's environmental protection and recycling industry.

There are 5 working groups under the organizational structure, namely

Our Development

  •   We will further attract more industry peers, become our members, and work together to contribute to environmental protection

  •   We will regularly provides members with the latest recycling and environmental protection industry information, and strengthens internal and external publicity work

  •   We will regularly holds environmental recycling seminars, technical seminars and training courses with Hong Kong, domestic and overseas universities to promote the concept of "urban minerals"

  •   We will regularly arranges technical exchange groups between China and Hong Kong or overseas to visit the latest domestic or foreign recycling technologies and products

  •   In April 2016, our Association successfully obtained Article 88 of the Inland Revenue Department's wholesale public charitable organization (Inland Revenue Ordinance) to continue to promote environmental protection messages

  In 2015, our Association began to actively encourage members to participate in the "Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency Hong Kong Registration-Environmental Recycling Service"-Pioneer Program. Members have obtained the registration of "Waste Collector" and "Waste Recycler", and will continue to actively promote in the future. Through this program, the recycling industry has greatly improved the professional level of environmental and occupational safety and health, and promoted and implemented the concept of clean recycling.

Our Location: Flat 8, 11/F, Rightful Centre, 11-12 Tak Hing Street, Jordan, Kowloon

Tel : (852) 2375 0018

Fax: (852) 2383 5346

Email : info@hkrda.org.hk