Our President

Mr. Chan Sik Kwan has been engaged in environmental recycling business for more than 20 years and has many years of experience in recycling workshop management. He is the current Chairman of the Hong Kong Federation of Resources and Recycling, Director of the Green Future Foundation, Permanent Honorary Chairman of the New Territories Fishermen Association Limited, and operator of the New Territories open-air warehouse. Vice Chairman of the Association.



Relying on the enthusiasm for environmental protection, he founded the "Hong Kong Recycle and Development Association Limited" in 2014, recruiting different recycling industry operators to become members, vigorously promoting environmental protection in the association, and through cooperation with the "Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency", Actively promote members to participate in the certification program to enhance the image of the industry, management and technical level. Over the years, we have worked tirelessly to promote environmental protection, and coordinated seminars with different academic institutions, such as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to identify Guangdong-Hong Kong urban mineral resources regeneration seminars, support Various charitable organizations promote environmental protection messages and co-organize the "Green in Yuen Long" service day with Hong Chi Association, so that the public has a better understanding of environmental protection. It also maintains close liaison with the Environmental Protection Department to encourage the government to pay more attention to the needs of the industry and face the difficulties. In addition, often Participate in exchange groups organized by the two places to learn about domestic environmental protection policies and operating modes, and promote mutual exchanges.



Mr. Chan Sik Kwan will continue to work hard to speak up for the industry, promote exchanges between the two places and continue to communicate with the Hong Kong government, so that the environmental protection industry in Hong Kong will develop more vigorously.