Company Profile

Established in 2001, our company has been engaged in the business of environment-friendly recycling for many years. We are specialized in the recycling of all kinds of waste paper, metal and plastics and the agency of plastics reclaiming, container dissembling and container transit services. We provide integrated services from reclaiming of waste, sorting, repackaging, customs declaration to transportation and exportation to the mainland.

After being treated and sorted out, the wastes will be supplied to the waster reclamation factory in  mainland China, who will make them into articles with value again. Through the waste reclamation services, our company is carrying out the conception of “environment-friendly conservation and resource generation” promoted in the society. In the future, our company will establish more local recycling stations and equipment to deal with the increasing wastes, reduce pollution to the ecology and environment and make contributions to the environment conservation. Besides local reclamation work, we will also keep developing the market in Chinese mainland and making contributions to the environment-friendly recycling industry in the mainland.